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Pope Francis made the astounding claim: “8,000 Catholic priests are pedophiles !”

ARTICLE Posted by: Alina Vlad

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Media from around the world took yesterday in the Italian newspapers, an absolutely shocking statement of Pope Francis, made, apparently, in a recent interview. According to journalists, the Pontiff would have testified that, worldwide, one in 50 is a pedophile Catholic priests and, moreover, there would also be evidence of this.


Vatican boils because of statements made by Pope Francis, during a meeting with Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari, the daily La Repubblica. According to him, the Holy Father would have clearly said that presently 2% of the Catholic clergy as pedophiles.

Specifically, ex- tends received a report from its advisers, Pope Francis read that about 8,000 clerics from a total of about 414,000 worldwide abused children. In addition, some bishops and cardinals have even reached. The revelation comes just days after the Vatican Pope received a group of victims of pedophile priests. The Pontiff affirmed that child abuse was a “plague” and have infected the church he leads.

He promised to take severe measures

He promised to treat this problem with “severity that requires”, without giving details. Yesterday, after witnessing the Pope had circled the planet, prompting unprecedented critical to the Catholic Church, a spokesman for the Vatican said the allegations appeared in the Italian media do not fully correspond with the statements of the Holy Father, that the discussion had with the reporter did not It was an interview and that his statements were interpreted off text.

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